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Summer 2012 (May/June) Divalicious Sample Box Contributors
The amount of samples that we receive from each company may vary, so each of our boxes may be a bit different and may contain samples from any/or all of the contributors. You never know what samples (or what companies) will be inside your box. It's always a surprise! Boxes usually contain between 10-15 samples (or more).

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Century House Soaperie
The Century House Soaperie website is launching on May 31st. Be sure to check it out! In the meantime, we are very pleased to be introducing you to their fabulous products in the Summer 2012 boxes. They have sent in GENEROUS Guest-Sized Mini Soaps (1.25 oz) - nicely hand-wrapped in recycled tissue paper. They come in a variety of amazing scents.... Ginger Lime (citrus), Sandalwood & Orange (woods), Bay Rum & Lime (spice), Sage Lemongrass (herbal), Lavender Mint (herbal), Grapefruit Lily (floral), Midnight Gardens (floral), Silk Roads (woods), Morning Glory (citrus), Temple Blossom (spice) and Lavender Mint (herbal). These soaps will look great in your guest bath or at the cottage this Summer!

Del Sol
Del Sol offers a variety of "color change" products - including nail polish, clothing and accessories. Listen up, Divas! You are going to absolutely adore the products that this well-known, well-loved company has sent in for the Summer Divalicious Sample Boxes. They have sent in FULL SIZE Nail Polishes....in a variety of sassy, sophisticated and super-fun shades.....including Surfer Girl, Sun Kissed, Island Fever, Calypso, Secret Crush, Flirt, Heartbreaker, Pretty In Pink, Sassy, Superhero, Girls Night Out, Rock Star, Prima Dona and Spike! You will be amazed by the way this nail polish changes color when you go outside in the sunlight and then changes back to its original color upon going inside. Wow! This nail polish is a fun way to draw attention to your lovely nails and makes great conversation too. It is a real notice-me product. You're going to love it! Which color will be found in YOUR box?

Willow Tree Collection
Willow Tree brings "full enjoyment and luxury without the use of harsh chemicals and detergents." This Canadian business offers 100% vegetable soybean candles as well as luxury bath, body and spa products. We are very happy to have them back with us again. This time, they have sent in GENEROUS Willow Tree Bugs Away Body Mist from their collections of "natural living products". This mist comes in a Summery fragrance - Coconut Lime - and we love it! "It smells good, it's not sticky and it works great for all ages and animal friends". It conditions and moisturizes your skin while keeping those pesky bugs away. It even works well as an after-bite treatment. You will adore this product and all of its benefits. There are no harsh chemicals. Just give a quick, light spritz over your hair and skin and enjoy this healthy alternative to other insect repellents. This bug spray was Willow Tree's #1 selling product in 2011 and it happens to be one of our new favorite products of Summer 2012. It truly is a Summer must-have! Heading to the cottage? Don't forget to stock up on this stuff. There are also GENEROUS Willow Tree Bath Collection sample kits that contain a selection of their most popular products in a variety of beautiful aromas! This fabulous kit includes a sample-sized packet of their "dry" mineral bubble bath, a sample-sized glycerine soap bar and a FULL SIZE clear cup tea-lite candle. It is a complete, relaxing and luxurious bath time treat for Divas. The products come in a variety of scents - including Aquolina Pink Sugar, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Juicy Couture and more! You are going to adore these quality, 3-piece sample kits! Bonus....On your next visit to the Willow Tree website, receive 10% off your full purchase by using Coupon Code: relax at the checkout. (Offer expires September 1, 2012)

A.O.M Cosmetics
"Created By Nature....Crafted By Hand". A.O.M Cosmetics has sent in a variety of FULL SIZE and sample-size products for the Summer boxes - including Loose Mineral Foundation, Loose Mineral Concealer, Loose Mineral Eye Shadow/Liner, Lipstick, Pure Mineral Powder Cream Eye Shadow and Eyeliner, Loose Mineral Blush and more. This business offers cosmetics that are chemical-free, made with natural ingredients and contain natural SPF protection. These cosmetics make your skin look radiant and they bring out your natural beauty. They even help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and flaws.

Look glamorous....with Giella custom blend cosmetics! Divas love lip gloss and we know that you are especially going to love the sample pods of "Lip Glam" Lip Gloss by Giella. This color is sensational! It is easy to apply and goes on silky smooth. Giella has also sent in sample pods of their Shea Butter Concealer. Fabulous!

Gettin' Lippy
Gettin' Lippy - "Lay it on thick." This company offers "Fun multiflavored and multicolored lip balm" handmade in the USA. Have a special event or fundraiser coming up? Gettin' Lippy also offers custom orders for fundraisers, birthday parties, weddings and more! For the Summer boxes, this company has sent in FULL SIZE Lip Balms...in a wide variety of color and flavor combinations! Each lip balm is layered, so if you don't like the flavor or color....just snap that layer off and move on to the next flavor and color. Here are some of the flavor combinations: White Coconut/Pink Raspberry/Yellow Pina Colada....Yellow Bubble Gum/Purple Wild Berry/Green Asian Pear....Red Apple/White Pear/Blue Raspberry....Pink Watermelon/Green Apple/Red Strawberry....Purple Fruit Punch/Pink Lemonade/Blue Raspberry....Yellow Mango/Pink Peach/Green Pear Berry. YUMMY!

The Lemon Cat
The Lemon Cat - "Purveyor of Fine Crafted Soap and Gift Baskets. A Collection of Bath, Body and Aromatic Creations". This newly-launched business has sent in GENEROUS Guest-Size Almond Lemon Soaps for you to try! The bottom portion of this soap is white in color (Almond scented). The top portion of this soap is yellow glycerin (lemon scented). What a unique and sweet combination! This soap looks just like a delicious petite dessert and smells scrumptious. Such mouth-watering scents! It is also tied with a pretty strand of raffia for lovely presentation.

Smencils and Smens
"The World's Only Gourmet Scented Pencils and Pens" - made from 100% recycled newspapers and recycled plastic. Smencils and Smens are "made from rolled sheets of recycled newspaper" and you can even see the newsprint on the Smencils tips! Smencils and Smens come in a variety of delicious, gourmet scents and are good for the environment too. Kids love them. Adults love them. In the office, we have at least six or seven Smencils and Smens on hand at all times. No desk should be without them! They are great for the office, great for school and great for home. We are big fans and are very excited to share our love of these 100% eco-friendly products with all of you! For the Summer boxes, there are Original Smencils, Coloured Smencils and Smens to be distributed. They come in fabulous Summer scents, which include: Aloha, Tropical Blast, Watermelon, Orange, Pink Lemonade, Creamsicle, Banana Fo Fana, Black Cherry, Grape, Very Berry and Passion Fruit. Other yummy gourmet scents include: Bubble Gum, Root Beer, Black Licorice, Red Licorice, Cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Ninja Berry, Caramel Corn and Mocha. Smencils and Smens are an indulgent treat for the senses. They smell wonderful!

Paperdoll Mineral Cosmetics
"Naturally Crafted Cosmetics for the Vanity Case!" Get ready to sample some of the prettiest cosmetics EVER! Paperdoll Mineral Cosmetics has sent in FULL SIZE Pouty Gloss for Divas who want full and kissable lips! This lip gloss comes in a variety of different colors for a sophisticated Summer look.... Blonde On A Beach , Barely There, Pout In Pink and more! FULL SIZE Vegan Blush in Peach Fizzer, Pink It Up and Apricot Moon. This blush accentuates your cheek bones - showing off the lovely contours of your face. FULL SIZE Bronzer for a sun-kissed glow on your cheeks and face -- perfect for those days when you're off to the beach! And....FULL SIZE Eye Shadow in a variety of shades....Julianne Goes To Hawaii {perfect for Summer!}, Cleopatra's Big Date, Extra Ice With A Twist, Sandy Bay...and more! These colors can be used on eyelids or below eyes to create "beautiful bright eyes". Bonus....Use Coupon Code: Sdsb201250 for 25% off at Paperdoll.

Amedaya Natural Bodycare
This business, which just launched in April 2012, has sent in sample packets of their Sweet Orange and Vanilla Body Butter! Massage this luxurious cream into your skin and enjoy the scent of one of Summertime's most delicious treats -- the creamsicle! Amedaya makes all of their creams with the finest ultra-moisturizing oils and butters to nourish your thirsty skin. Bonus....Use Coupon Code: SweetD to take 20% off your next order at Amedaya. {offer expires Sept. 1, 2012}

Sugarfoot and Co.
Let Sugarfoot and Co. pamper your skin with their GENEROUS Guest-Sized Soaps! These soaps come in a variety of sweet Summertime scents, including Grapefruit Margarita and Mango. They have also sent in their luxurious Super Shea Guest-Sized Soaps! Also, sample-jars of their Body Wash! At Sugarfoot and Co. you get "Sweet. Simple. Pure Bath Products". Enjoy!

Alegna Soap
Alegna Soap has sent in GENEROUS Guest-Sized bars of their "Piper", "Skylar", "Gwen" and "Lily" soaps for you to enjoy! These soaps are from their Laney Line and are great for the shower. They will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated......a great way to start the day! These soaps look just as beautiful as they smell. "Skylar" is blue like the ocean with a romantic geranium and lavender scent. "Piper" is a sunny colored, satiny Summertime soap with the mellow scent of orange and lavender blossoms. "Gwen" is pretty, pink, and a blend of sweet chamomile, neroli and lavender. The perfect soap for any Diva! "Lily" is l-o-v-e-l-y and feminine. It is an amazing blend of peppermint and lavender and it comes in a fresh green color (with pink mingled in)! Be sure to visit Alegna Soap and discover all of the other wonderful products that they offer.

Tubtown Scents ~ by Lydia House
This business offers quality, handmade Bath Oils, Body Wash, Pearl Shower Gels, Body Lotions and Hand Creams in a wide array of pleasing scents....made in Canada. For the Summer boxes, they have sent in a variety of products. Traveler-Sized All Natural Lavender Soaps in elegant little boxes. FULL SIZE (cylinders) of Lavender Bath Salts. You will love this gentle Lavender scent. It is very relaxing. Nothing is more welcome than a bathtub filled with Lavender scented water on a warm, Summer's eve. Sounds marvelous, doesn't it? Oh....and let's not forget to mention the GENEROUS Coconut Mango Hand Cream! This is a beautiful, light Summer scent - a combination of Hawaiian coconut and delicious mango! Can you say "island getaway"?! Plus, Tubtown Scents has sent in FULL SIZE All Natural Lip Balm....in flavours like Coconut, Raspberry and Peppermint. Fabulous!

Me and the Boy
"Proudly Canadian, Handmade Jewelry, Bath and Body Products, & Eco Soy Candles". This business has sent in single FULL SIZE 100% Soy Tealights (clear cups) and Soy Wax Melts.....in a variety of appealing scents for the Summer boxes.....including Raspberry Zinger, Berry Bliss, Orange Chili and more! They come in fabulous shiny pink packaging - perfect for our Diva boxes. Divas love pink!!!! The scent throw is amazing (whether lit or not). Soy wax produces a clean flame, it burns for longer and it also gives a brighter flame. Enjoy your Soy Candles! Bonus....Get 20% off your next order by using coupon code: DIVA20.

LipZipz are one of the coolest products yet! LipZipz....we love you! These Lip Balms are created by No Loss Products - perfect for Divas on-the-go! LipZipz are "easy to use, hard to lose". They have a special hook that can be attached to the belt loop on your jeans or shorts, your purse, your backpack, your keys....anywhere! LipZipz are specifically designed not to get lost. Simply clip them on and away you go! This Lip Balm is made with premium natural ingredients and contains SPF 15. It "soothes. moisturizes. protects." your lips and is great for those hot, sunny afternoons at the beach! We are very excited to announce that you will be receiving fabulous FULL SIZE LipZipz in the Summer Divalicious Sample Boxes! How great is that! LipZipz are considered a trendsetting accessory and Divas are loving them! This company has sent in three amazing types of Lip Balm for the boxes, which include: TWIST {a refreshing citrus}, PINK SHIMMER and KISS {a tantalizing berry}. Be sure to check out the product descriptions on their website by hovering your mouse over each Lip Balm picture. TWIST is perfect for Summer. PINK SHIMMER screams "Diva". KISS is berry-romantic. Which type of LipZipz will be found inside YOUR sample box?

TLC Creations
Wow! This business has sent in FULL SIZE jewelry pieces for our Diva-Fashionistas! Trendy earrings in a variety of amazing designs! Eiffel Tower (silver and gold), Scissor Birds, Silver Clutch , Mustache Love, Silver Spoons and many more! We are totally loving these earrings! They are so much fun! Discover more "Affordable Handmade Unique Jewelry" at TLC Creations. Bonus: Get 25% OFF with Coupon Code: DIVALICIOUS.

Mainely Cole's
We have spent many Summers vacationing in the beautiful state of Maine. It is a place where you feel right at home. We love Maine! The people are friendly, the coastal scenery is breathtaking......and we are pleased to say that it is the home of Mainely Cole's. Based in Casco, Maine, this business offers an impressive array of high-quality products that make you feel wonderful. We are thrilled with the variety of GENEROUS products that they have sent in for our Divas to enjoy! There are GENEROUS (1oz) mini jars of Body Butter - providing extreme moisture and long-lasting scents. These scents include: "Moments Matter" Silky Body Butter (Coconut Lime Verbena), "Beanie's Blessings" Traditional Body Butter (Essential Oils, Bee's Wax and Chamomile) and "Sisters" Body Butter (Lavender and Vanilla Bean). You will adore the Botanical Mists in "Moments Matter" (Coconut Lime and Verbena). This formula softens, hydrates, tones and adds a silky glow to your skin. Just spritz it on and enjoy the benefits....and the lovely tropical scent. Perfect for Summer! Mainely Cole's......"Rejuvenating Skin Care - Crafted In Maine".

The Curious Cupcake
Do you have a sister or girlfriend that is so close that she can practically read your mind or predict what you're going to say before you even say it? "We're like peas in a pod", you've probably told her. Well, The Curious Cupcake has sent in gorgeous FULL SIZE Peas In A Pod pendants for the Summer Divalicious Sample Boxes. These pendants make great gifts for that special person in your life....your sister, your best friend, your mother, your cousin, your daughter....anyone! They are wire wrapped (by hand) and come with three lovely green "peas" in the middle. Visit The Curious Cupcake and discover "Handmade Swarovski crystal, chainmaille wire and wire-wrapped jewelry". Here's a bonus....Use COUPON CODE: SWEETD10 for 10% off your entire purchase!

Organics and Bath
"Take care of yourself, Naturally!" Organics and Bath offers skin care that is made with only organic ingredients - with no additives or dangerous chemicals. "These spa quality products are 100% natural and Canadian made". This Canadian business has sent in a variety of products to be distributed among the boxes. FULL SIZE Lip Gloss in Purity (clear) and Pink Panther. Very nice! Also, GENEROUS Mineral Foundation pods in Honey Medium Beige, Medium Light and Neutral Ivory. GENEROUS jars of Whipped Body Butter. Your skin will drink this up! It is made with shea butter and hydrates dry areas. All you need to use is just a small amount to feel the wonderful effects. FULL SIZE Natural Soy Candle Tealights (6-packs) in Peppermint and also in Orange. These tealights smell absolutely amazing!

Hawaiian Body Products - (Ola Tropical Organics)
This brand is a fave with our Divas! Ola Tropical Organics is a holistic, luxury body spa line brought to you by Hawaiian Body Products. All of the products are "authentically island made" using local and organic ingredients. You are going to love the GENEROUS 2oz. Travel-Size bottles of Coconut Lemongrass Creme Lotion that have been sent in for the Summer Divalicious Sample Boxes! This lotion is "a fusion of luxurious and penetrating tropical oils with fresh Coconut to protect and condition your skin". What a fabulous contribution! The "Coconut Lemongrass" scent is very Hawaiian and is their #1 scent. It's dreamy, it's creamy....it's one of the nicest lotions EVER! Escape to a tropical island every time you use this lotion. It is like Summer in a bottle!

Crafty Chris
Hip-Hip-Hooray! More FULL SIZE jewelry items for the Summer Divalicious Sample Boxes! Crafty Chris has sent in a variety of fashionably-fabulous Earrings in shades like blue and yellow....and other gorgeous shades. These Earrings make you feel your Diva-best! Wear them with that cute beach dress, with your favorite tee and jeans, with your sleek black formal-wear. Dress up any outfit. These earrings are presented in fun gift boxes. What a great contribution! Bonus: First time shoppers at Crafty Chris can use code BRANDNEW for 5% off your entire order.

Abibirem Beauty
Abibirem Beauty was created after the owner was introduced to the many benefits of shea butter during her first trip to Ghana in 2008. Abibirem Beauty now sells the shea butter (which is made by women in Ghana) in Canada with proceeds of the profits returning to Ghana to invest in community development projects. What a wonderful cause! This business has sent in Gift Packages - each containing a FULL SIZE Lip Balm (in either natural, vanilla or peppermint) along with a sample of 100% natural shea butter. Bonus: Get 1 FREE Lip Balm when you spend $10 or more at Abibirem Beauty. (Limit 1 lip balm per order - while quantities last).

ReNewell Body Care
"Revive. Refresh.....ReNewell Body Care". This California business has sent in GENEROUS (2oz) packets of their Strawberry & Champagne Bubble Bath Powder. A long, relaxing, hot bath is just what you need after a busy week. Sit back in the tub and let your muscles relax and let your body unwind as you enjoy the luxurious bubbles and the dreamy scent! Divas love bubble baths! What a treat! ReNewell has also sent in FULL SIZE Lip Balms. As a bonus: Use CODE DIVA15 for 15% off your order! (offer expires 9/30/2012)

Babar Too Co.
"Natural & Handmade in the Kawarthas". This Canadian business has sent in sample jars of their Omega Moisturizer with Almond and Hemp oils. This is 98% Natural Face & Body Lotion. It is "Omega 3 enriched, made with hempseed & almond oils". This lotion will moisturize your skin and make you feel fabulous! It is perfect for your face, hands and body.

Garden Path Handmade Soap
Garden Path Homemade Soap has sent in a variety of products for the boxes...including mini-samplings of their beautifully scented, Lilac Blossom soap. They have also sent in FULL SIZE (95g) bars of their Coconut Cream Soap (one of their new scents), Pink Grapefruit Soap, Eucalyptus Spearmint Soap (new scent) and Maple Syrup Soap. They all smell great!

Watershed Naturals
This wonderful Canadian business offers "Handmade Luxury Soap" and has sent in a variety of their delightfully-wrapped, sample-sized soaps for you to try. The soaps include: BC Glacial Clay/Lavender soap (this is very calming) and Lavender Lime soap (a delightful Summertime scent!). They have also sent in some of their pleasant Rosemary/Lemon/Eucalyptus soap samples, which you'll love!

Hawkestone Soap Co.
"Specializing in Handmade Soap and Lotions Since 2002". This company offers high quality products.....made in Muskoka, Canada. They have sent in a GENEROUS assortment of samples for you to try, including Guest Soaps in scents like Lavender, Cranberries & Spice, Goat's Milk (unscented), Olive Soap, Oceania, Muskoka Boathouse (bestseller!!), Mango Tango, Peppermint Swirl, Lemongrass & Calendula, and Summer Garden. They have also sent in luxurious Blue Chamomile & Lavender Face Cream. "This velvety cream contains a natural blend of 5 oils including Mango and Shea Butter to increase elasticity and ease dryness. German Chamomile and Lavender help tone, revitalize and soothe". Also, jars of Hemp Hand & Body Lotion in White Tea & Ginger scent, Hemp Hand & Body Lotion in Lemon Sugar scent and Hand & Body Lotion in Muskoka Boathouse scent. We are very excited about Hawkestone Soap Co. and we encourage you to visit their website, browse their selection of top-notch products and show them some love! Keep them in mind for all of those special occasions when you're looking to find the perfect gift.

BLM Gifts & BronnleyUSA.com
Give yourself the royal treatment with GENEROUS Bronnley of London sample packs. Inside the pack, you will receive a boxed Pink Bouquet Fine English Guest Soap (25g). It is described as "a beautifully fragrant long-lasting soap, containing rich natural almond oil to soften and care for the skin". You will also receive a FULL SIZE (30g) sachet of The Royal Horticultural Society Viola Bath Seeds by Bronnley. The scent is decribed as "a delicate fresh floral bouquet highlighted with Melon and Raspberry descending to a rich Violet and Iris heart upon a woody base". There is enough in this sachet for two luxurious soaks in the tub. Enjoy! Bronnley.... "Makers of the best soaps in the world". If you appreciate elegant and fragrant bath and body products, visit BLM Gifts & BronnleyUSA.com today!

Illustrator, Mary Winkler, has sent in a sample of her work in the form of artistic Mini Prints. Brighten your home with Acrylicana. This original and unique artwork makes a great conversation piece. The prints come in Boy Howdy Cupcake, Big Cupcake, Gumball Wonderful Bright and many more!

Neroli Naturals
Wow! You are going to love the SUPER-GENEROUS contribution from Neroli Naturals. This Canadian business has sent in the most delightful gift bags....containing soaps and body butter....just for YOU! The body butter is scented in Vanilla Orange Blossom and is formulated using ethically sourced, organic & wild crafted, raw food grade butters & oils. The soaps are scented in White Tea, Dewberry, Oats, Milk & Honey, Key Lime, Coconut Cream and Vanilla Orange and are formulated using plant based oils and butters, including sustainable palm oil, coconut milk & essential oils. Each gift bag contains 2 soap slices for a combined weight of 5 - 6 oz. Neroli Naturals "strives to create a green product while maintaining the visual and sensory appeal of a high end luxury brand." Be sure to bookmark the Neroli Naturals website, as it is currently being re-designed and will be opening again soon.

Turtle River Soap Company
"Intoxicating scents, luxurious lather." You will get the chance to try 2 different scents of Turtle River Soap Company's sample size soaps. Scents include Rescue Me, Wise Up, Trippy Hippy, Indulgence, Turtle Tracks, Chill, Hugs, Check The Girls (breast cancer awareness soap).....and many more! "You'll find yourself lingering in the shower and your skin will love you for it!" Order 5 bars or more and pay only $5 per bar! (The discount will be applied at checkout).....or order 15 bars (or more) and get free shipping! Stock up on all your favorite scents. Give them as gifts or just enjoy them yourself. Head on over to the Turtle River Soap Company website and do a little Christmas shopping....quick, quick, quick!

CJ's Unique Boutique
This business has sent in FULL SIZE small sticks (0.75 oz.) of their ever-popular, well-loved CJ's BUTTer. This product comes in luxurious scents like Natural Mango Sugar and Mint, Lavender Bergamot Coriander, Indigenous, Sweet Memories, My Pixie Pie, Frankincense and Myrrh, Tea Tree. They have also sent in trial-size bottles of their CJ's BUTTer in sweet scents such as Warm Vanilla Cake, Lemon Sage and Ginger, Sweet Orange EO, Sweet Memories, Sweet Bay Rose, and Toasted Almond and Cherry Blossom. In addition, they have sent along FULL SIZE CJ's BUTTer Lip Balm in lipsmacking flavours such as Lip-Tricity (Peppermint), Circus Peanuts, Peachy-Mangoliscious, and Strawberry Lime.

Wow! This business is treating you to GENEROUS Traveler-Size soap bars in great scents such as Bodylish All Natural, CowGirl ("once you've tried CowGirl, you'll no longer roam"), Dude (completely natural), and Maryjane. They have also sent in GENEROUS Traveler-Size Down To Earth shampoo bars.

North Hill Soap Company
"Premium Handcrafted Soap and Body Products". The North Hill Soap Company has sent in lovely organza bags containing 2 sample size soaps (in Kitchen Cleanser, Dirty Girl or French Vanilla). The bag also contains a sample size solid lotion that is unscented, but has a pleasant natural smell from the cocoa butter that it contains.

Gammy's Beezwax Candles
Add a touch of light, warmth (and health) to your home with Gammy's Beezwax Candles. This business has sent in duo-packs of their FULL SIZE handmade, 100% pure Canadian beeswax tealights for you to enjoy. They are wrapped up in cello and tied with a nice piece of raffia. These candles burn very slow and they also "emit a soothing scent that can only be found with pure beeswax", as the website states. It is a well-known fact that beeswax candles can help neutralize the common dusts and molds and odors that make their way into your home. Yes, beeswax candles can make your home a healthier place to be! So, decorate your home with Gammys Beezwax candles and tealights and relax!

Purple Prairie Botanicals
Going on a vacation? Don't forget to take along your very own travel-sized soap from Purple Prairie Botanicals! These travel-sized soaps come in many different scents....Eucalyptus Lemon, Patchouli Vanilla, Sweet Cheeks Baby Bar, Sandalwood and Sage, LemonGrass Oatmeal, Probiotic Exfoliating (nature's germ fighter), Peppermint Oatmeal (cooling body bar), Frankincense and Myrrh, Lavender, Ginger Clove, Patchouli Rose, Cedarwood and Tea Tree (shampoo bar), Honey Butter, Rosemary Mint, Gardener's Bar, Tea Tree (for acne, blemishes, rashes), Peaceful Prairie, Orange and Tea Tree. Some are exfoliating soaps, some are essential oil soaps, some are toning soaps. They've sent in quite a variety of soap for the sample boxes! Also, GENEROUS 5oz. travel-size Sun Stick (100% natural sun screen with 20% zinc and organic butters). Plus, there are GENEROUS 1oz. spray bottles of Orange Tea Tree Clarifying Skin Toner - an uplifting and purifying astringent for your face and neck - and GENEROUS-SIZED Lavender Clarifying Skin Toner!! Wow! And there's still more! There are 1 oz. sample sized bottles of Organic Olive Oil Lotions (in Patchouli Vanilla, Frankincense and Myrrh, Nature's Baby, Lemon and Shea), 1 oz sample sized bottles of Luxurious Facial Moisturizer (Carrot Rose Creme, Frankincense and Myrrh), and 1 oz sample sized bottles of Sun Stuff 100% Natural Mineral Skin Protection in a base of organic olive oil lotion.

Garden Lane Soaps
"Handmade Soap. All Natural ~ All The Time". This business has sent in GENEROUS guest sized soaps. We are very impressed with the variety that they've sent in.....Lemon Poppyseed, Spearmint Lemon, Gardener's Companion, Sunny Citrus, Good Karma, Lavender, Goat's Milk...and Fennel (This one is our fave! It smells just like black licorice....yum!). Very nice! They are "lovingly handcrafted at Morning Glory Farm in Corralitos, California" and are wrapped in pretty floral labels with a bit of Vintage/Victorian flair. Beautiful! Thank you Garden Lane Soaps!

Plantlife Natural Body Care
This eco-friendly business only uses “pure, fresh plant based ingredients….Formulated with your skin’s health in mind!” You will be glad to know that their products are 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, safe for all ages, safe for daily use, and are very earth friendly. They have sent in lovely organza sample kit bags. Each kit comes with a sample size Aromatherapy Herbal Soap in either Cassia Clove or Lemongrass scents, a FULL SIZE Herbal Lip Balm, and a sample size bottle of Lemongrass Body Lotion. These products are absolutely amazing!! The lemongrass lotion smells soooo uplifting, invigorating and fresh! A beautiful scent! You’re going to love it! The Plantlife Lip Balm is one of their most popular products (a best seller since 1994). It is a blend of the finest olive oil and organic beeswax “to create the most soothing Lip Balm on the market”. This Lip Balm provides “soothing protection for lips, cuticles, and even minor first aid for cuts”. This product is a must-have!

This well-known Canadian company has sent in a great assortment of their best fragrances and formulas in sample packets! You will get to try 5 different products from SPAresource....including Coconut Hand Cream and Vanilla Sugar Hand Cream. Both of these creams are “made with fabulous top quality, European sourced, natural ingredients” and contain shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, aloe oil, vitamin e and honey extract. You will also receive Vanilla Grapefruit Hand & Body Wash and Vanilla Grapefruit Body Lotion {the lotion contains shea butter, vitamin e, aloe extract, and seaweed extract}. Plus, you will get to try SPAresource Moisturize Foot Cream {“for softer, smoother feet”}. What a treat! These products are developed in Canada and are not tested on animals.

California Body Care
California Body Care...."Quality Skin Care Products & Skin Care Systems". This company has sent in GENEROUS 2 oz bottles of one of their most popular, top-selling products...Avocado Body Lotion (light moisturizer) . “Light almond and rich avocado oils gently caress the entire skin soothing dryness and alleviating roughness". You are going to love this rich, creamy lotion. Not only does it hydrate....but it also has a light, pretty scent. Very nice! "For that California look and feel"....visit California Body Care online.

Awaken My Senses
“Organic care for your skin – It’s only natural!” This Canadian business has sent in GENEROUS bottles of their Lavender Balancing Mist (lavender flower water) and also their Rose Hydration Mist (certified organic damascene rose water) to be distributed among the sample boxes. Everyone could use a refreshing lift at the end of a long, hard day....and these mists will definitely leave you feeling revitalized and fresh! Go ahead...."Awaken Your Senses"!

Get Fresh
Get Fresh "offers a complete line of luxurious and aromatic spa-strength body products that target dry and aging skin". They have sent in pretty striped sample packets of their Get Fresh SPA Rich Body Crèmes for you to try. They come in a variety of scents – including Lemongrass, Black Currant, Starfruit, and Grapefruit. This crème "delivers an extended dose of 24 hour moisture protection with a combination of natural oils, tropical nut butters and antioxidant botanicals". You’ll be happy to know that it is non-greasy and non-sticky. Best of all, it will leave your skin feeling smooth and beautiful!

John Frieda
John Frieda has sent in 3-pouch trial packs of their new Frizz-Ease products for you to try. Their Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Shampoo (hydrating for extra dry hair), Frizz Ease Smooth Start Conditioner (hydrating for extra dry hair) and their Frizz Ease Hair Serum (original formula) promise to give you “100% flawless, frizz-free hair, from start to finish”. The Hair Serum instantly eliminates frizz and corrects frizz-prone hair by instantly eliminating flyaways and split ends. It also repels humidity and because it is infused with silk protein, it will polish your hair for silky, glossy results! No wonder it’s Canada’s #1 Serum Brand!

This is something that no Diva should ever be without. Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. These strips instantly remove the build-up {oils and dirt} collected in your pores....with just one use. For best results, use once a week. We use them whenever we get together with friends for a “pamper me” spa night. After the manicures and facials, we take time to clean our pores...and we love that clean feeling!! If you’ve never used their nose strips before, this is your chance to see and feel the difference for yourself. “Get your best clean with Bioré”. Bioré has also sent in sample packs of their new and improved Daily Recharging Collection {with green tea}. You’ll receive 1 Refresh Daily Cleansing Cloth and 1 Detoxify Daily Scrub...for glowing skin!!

We love Jergens! We love how their lotions absorb quickly – and we love how they leave our skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and hydrated. Experience the “joy of Jergens” with wonderful sample-sized Jergens Ultra Care {Fragrance Free Moisturizer}. This product locks in moisture to provide 24 hours of relief for dry skin. It’s a great all-over lotion…and it even works wonders on heels, knees, and elbows....and rids you of all of those stubborn, rough patches. Suffering with rough, dry skin this season? Jergens Ultra Care will help!

Yay! More great Mark. products to sample!! Some of you could receive pretty organza sachets with Eau De Toilette samples (Sophistique fragrance), a 2ml packet of Calming Effect Comforting Milk Cleanser (Banana/Oat), a 2ml packet of That’s Deep Purifying Cleanser (Sugar Maple/Black Willow Bark) and a coupon code for free shipping on your first order. Love it!!! There are also fun samples of Eau De Toilette (Celebrate fragrance) and Calm & Composed Super-Soothing Moisturizer. Lots of great stuff from this hugely-popular company.

Royston Soapworks
This Canadian company will be letting you try their guest-size soaps in sensational scents like Apple, Pumpkin Pie, Jasmine, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, Orange Vanilla, Gardenia, Sandlewood, Orange Cinnamon, Rosemary Peppermint, and Lemongrass. Mmmm….Wonderful

100% Pure (Canada)
"100% natural, 100% vegan". This company has sent in convenient, sample-sized packets of their nourishing creams in Honey Almond, Green Apple and also in Vanilla Bean. You'll want to slip one of these into your purse to pull out as a lovely afternoon refresher while on the go. Their packaging says "Highly nourishing, luxurious cream concentrated with potent anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, skin softening cocoa and avocado butters." Enjoy!

FEMM - "The Fashion Boutique" - offers a unique range of high-quality fashion jewelry and bridal jewellery and beautiful hand-painted silk scarves. Divas, you are going to love wearing the FULL SIZE pieces that they’ve sent in for you!! Gold-plated charms/pendants...all with Swarovski crystal ("Crystallized") elements...in the prettiest flower and heart shapes! They come in a variety of colors....pink, violet, red, yellow, aquamarine, and fuchsia.

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