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May 2010 Divalicious Sample Box Contributors
The amount of samples that we receive from each company may vary, so each of our boxes may be a bit different and may contain samples from any/or all of the contributors. You never know what samples (or what companies) will be inside your box. It's always a surprise!

Take a look at our new gallery of photos from past boxes.

Cherry City Hand Picked Scents
Find over 200 appealing and interesting “Hand Picked Scents” at Cherry City Bath and Body! Mmmm….they smell sooooo pretty, feminine, and delicious….and they are vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free. For the May boxes, they’ve sent in sample sizes or their Vanilla Lemongrass, Mai-Tai Twist, Darlin’ Clementine, Citron Red Currant, White Tea, and Ginger Verbena scents. Plus, they’ve added a coupon code for a free “After 5” roll on with purchase ($10 value).

Kiss My Face
“Do what comes naturally” – Kiss My Face! You’re going to absolutely adore the sensational products from this company!! They have been gracious enough to send in FULL SIZE Dazzling Duo Packs – Natural mineral color lip glosses and tints (in garnet, opal & ruby). “For luscious lips….naturally”. Both the Sheer Organic Shine and Sheer Organic Shimmer are 100% natural and 91% organic….with shea butter and jojoba oil to soothe and moisturize. Absolutely gorgeous! Plus, they’ve sent in FULL SIZE Tempting Trio Packs – Natural lip balm with spf 15 (sliced peach, coconut pineapple & cranberry orange / strawberry, ginger mango & vanilla honey). Yum! They are made with organic ingredients and “smooth, soothe & protect lips naturally”. What a fantastic and exciting contribution from this well-known, independent company!

Cinnamon Creek Country Candles
Have you checked out this shop yet? It is amazing!! They offer an outstanding assortment of yummy-looking candles and tarts….made with 100% all natural SOY wax!! Cupcake Candles, Pie Candles, Lollipop Tarts….you name it, they’ve got it! For the May campaign, this business has sent in GENEROUS samplers of their high quality Soy Tart Melts in a variety of scents…like Birthday Cake, Little Black Dress, Sweet Pea, Lavender, Gardenia, Hawaiian Breeze, and Lemon Fresh. Mmmm! Get “Truly Scrumptious Bakery Candles & Soy Tarts” at Cinnamon Creek Country Candles on Etsy. (Pssst…be sure to read about the samples sent in from their other business “La Dolce Vita” below

La Dolce Vita – Bath & Body Luxuries
You’ve just read what Cinnamon Creek Country Candles has sent in….and now it’s time to read about the contributions sent in from their sister-business La Dolce Vita! Once you try their bath & body products….you’ll be hooked! They’ve sent in a variety of GENEROUS samples….Whipped Sugar Scrubs (in scents like Strawberry Cupcake and Sugar Cookies), Soothing Body Parfaits (in scents like Pink Sugar and Lemon Fresh), Luxurious Body Lotions (in scents like Lily Of The Valley), and Leave-In Hair Conditioners (in scents like Pink Sugar). Be sure to visit their Etsy shop….filled with irresistable bath & body luxuries!

Cheeky Cosmetics
“The Cheeky Cosmetics philosophy is simple: natural doesn't have to be boring!” Their products are made with “pure, natural minerals, along with certified organic plant oils and waxes, and come in many fun and exciting shades for you to play with.” Their products are 100% handmade from scratch and are vegan (certified by PETA). For the May campaign, this Canadian company has sent in eyeshadow samples….in the lovely, summer shade of “Mermaid”. Very pretty. They’ve also included a coupon code for you to receive 10% off your next purchase on their website. Wonderful! “Pure ~ Mineral ~ Beauty”…..Cheeky Cosmetics!

Petite Creation
“Collect it. Wear it. Display it” ~ Petite Creations! This Canadian business has sent in a GENEROUS contribution of their adorable miniature desserts….which can be used as charms on a necklace or bracelet or can simply be displayed….it’s your choice! You will receive a package containing two of their adorable “petite creations”.….in a variety of designs…. Strawberry Ice Cream Cones, Chocolate Ice Cream Cones, Chocolate Donuts, Sprinkled Donuts, Vanilla Ice Cream Cones w/ Sprinkles, Cookies N Crème Ice Cream Cones, Strawberry Donuts, and Chocolate Bars! These miniatures are so cute!

My Shining Lights
My Shining Lights…..a wonderful shop that offers a wide assortment of fine, handcrafted jewelry! For the May campaign, this business has generously sent in FULL SIZE pieces…..stylish earrings that are sure to bring you compliments! Presented in a lovely gift box with a bow, these earrings come in a variety of eyecatching, feminine colors and gorgeous designs. A touch of elegance for the everyday woman! In addition, you will be receiving a coupon code for “Free Shipping” at their Etsy shop! WoooHooo!

Ms. Chickadees Parlor
We are super excited about the FULL SIZE items sent in from Ms Chickadee’s Parlor! Glam earrings that come in pretty little handmade gift boxes (of coordinating colors) !! A lot of care and effort has been put into this ….a very impressive contribution! Each set of earrings was designed with sophistication and are all simply stunning! Ladies…you will definitely love these!

Sweet Sally's Soaps
This business has sent in a GENEROUS sampling of 4 deliciously scented soaps….. all wrapped up in a pretty gossamer pouch for you to try. Enjoy these sample size soaps that are made from “skin loving ingredients designed to nourish, cleanse and scent your skin”. Each pouch includes Coconut, Mint Swirl (mmmm….this one smells soooo nice), Pink Grapefruit, and Oatmeal & Honey fine handcrafted soaps. Wow!

Fragrant Rain Soap
“Pamper your body from head to soul!” This wonderful company is vegan friendly. That means that their soaps are all-natural… no artificial preservatives, no petroleum products, no animal fat, and no detergents. We’ve worked with Fragrant Rain Soap in the past and are pleased to have them joining us again. This time, they have sent in GENEROUS samples of their clean, fresh soap…in scents like “Caribbean Spice”, “Southern Belle”, Night In Morocco”, Guinevere’s Passion”, and “Elysian Fields”….just to name a few. Lather up and enjoy!

If you’ve been looking for a natural, organic, vegan lip balm that tastes fabulous, then you will love Hurraw! Their fun and exciting lip balms come in a convenient oval shaped tube to make it easier to slip into your pocket and they leave your lips smooth, conditioned and kissably soft. They come in 12 mouthwatering flavors (lime, lemon, root beer, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla bean, grapefruit, orange, mint, almond, licorice and chocolate). Mmmmm….yummo! The cinnamon and grapefruit balms are tinted to add a hint of color while you soften your lips. This company been generous enough to send in their reusable tea bag sachets containing FULL SIZE lip balms for our box buyers to try. We have tried their lip balms for ourselves and we can tell you (from personal experience) that they are the greatest!! So, lip-balm-lovers….you’ll definitely want to check out their fantastic Hurraw! website and pick up a few lip balms for yourself and for your friends.

This San Franciscan business has sent in samples of their “unique, handcrafted, custom, all-natural artisan perfumes”. They come in a variety of light and airy, yet elegant scents including….First Crush, Sea Foam, Liquid Sunshine and Plum Blossom….just to name a few. Absolutely lovely!

Handcrafted Soaps By Bonnie
This company has sent in fabulous FULL SIZE (3 oz.) single packs of their Luxury Bath Salts. Each packet comes wrapped in a lovely organza sachet. Scents include: Sandalwood Vanilla, Sweetened Red Clover, Lavender, Ginger Lime and Invigorating. Just pour the sachet contents into a hot bath, lay back and let your body relax as your stresses fade away with the fragrant aroma of these luxurious salts.

Diva Kami Jewelry Designs
Attention all fashionistas! Designer Kami Hayes has generously sent in absolutely stunning FULL SIZE items for this May campaign. Earrings in a variety of gorgeous shades....like green , pink, turquoise, mauve , purple, black, and more! Each and every pair is unique, stylish, and positively "Diva-ish"! You'll definitely want to bookmark this Etsy shop. Great place!

Clean Queen Soap Co.
Okay girls! We know that many of you have been looking for shops that sell fabulous sugar scrubs….well….guess what!? The Clean Queen Soap Co. has sent in some totally tropical and super scrumptious Pina Colada Bahama Sugar Cube Scrub for you to try. Yay! We can tell you that these cubes smell absolutely amazing!!! They moisturize and exfoliate….leaving your skin softer and more radiant! To use, just crumble them under warm water and then lather, rinse, and enjoy. Ahhh…you are going to LOVE this stuff! Psst…and there’s also a coupon code for 15% off your next order at their Etsy shop. Simply fab!

Everyday Minerals
Oh-la-la…lovely! Everyday Minerals has sent in GENEROUS “try me” trial size products from their exciting Bollywood Line. Taj Mahal Pearl Eyes, Curry Shimmer Eyes, Monsoon Matte Eyes, and Bollywood Blush. Their eyeshadow and blush come in shades that are totally glam! What a marvelous contribution!

Creamery Creek Farm Goat Milk Soap
This company has sent in goat milk soap samples – to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. This soap has a wonderful lather and is gentle for sensitive skin. These samples come in a variety of appealing scents….including Lime Sugar, Coconut Cream , Red Clover Tea , Honey Almond Oatmeal , and more! To ensure the best of quality, the soap makers at Creamery Creek make all of their soaps in small batches. They hand make, pour, cut or mold each bar. All of their soap is made with 100% fresh creamy goat milk from their own Nigerian Dwarf goats!

Ecco Bella
“Discover intelligent natural and organic beauty” at Ecco Bella! The 1 oz. samples of Vanilla Herbal Body Lotion sent in by this company are sure to be a hit with our box buyers! This lotion is 70% organic and 100% water free. It is an ultra rich formula that hydrates and revives your skin. It also has a long-lasting, delicious scent….and is one of Ecco Bella’s top-sellers! We love this lotion and know that you will too. Ecco Bella products are anti-aging and anti-blemish combined.

Kootenay Bath Products
We are happy to have Kootenay back again for this another campaign! This time, they’ve sent in GENEROUS deliciously scented, delightfully creamy Whipped Body Butter samples. You’ll love the fresh and sweet smell of their “Clementine” body butter, the soft and soothing smell of their “Black Amber and Lavender” body butter, and the smooth and sophisticated smell of their “Chamomile Bergamot” body butter. Absolutely wonderful products…from an absolutely wonderful company! Kootenay always sends in top-quality samples for you to try and they are always a favorite in the boxes. Oh…and as an extra bonus…they’ve sent along a coupon code for 10% off your next order.

Prairie Lane Boutique
This Canadian business has sent in some crafty clothespin magnets. You get 2 per pack and they come in colorful, pretty, and fun prints. They'll definitely dress up those "honey-do" lists on your refrigerator. Cute idea!

Luscious Sudz
The sample-sized soaps sent in from Luscious Sudz create a lovely lather and come in a variety of yummy scents…including Whipped Cotton Candy, Apple Caramel Pie, Mixed Berries & Cream, Chocolate Coffee, Cherry Almond Slice, and more! Mmm…very nice! This business has also sent in FULL SIZE 100% cotton hand crochet dishcloths and FULL SIZE 100% cotton sudsy soap bags….all made by Luscious Sudz. You will either receive a soap sample or one of their crochet items. Both are fantastic additions to the box!

PureHeart ArtSoaps
You simply must visit this shop! They offer some of the most pretty, decorative, embedded artwork soaps you’ll ever find!! For the May boxes, they’ve sent in sample-sized Sweet Pea Flower art soaps. They come with a beautiful flower embedded in each of them and such a sweet, gentle, clean scent. Best of all…this all-vegetable glycerin soap will not dry out your skin. Your skin will feel fresh, clean, and moisturized. Once you try this soap….you’ll be hooked! PureHeart ~ “exquisite handcrafted soaps”.

Heartfelt Gifts
Add a touch of glam to your wardrobe with exquisite dangle and studded earrings from Heartfelt Gifts. This business has sent in beautiful FULL SIZE items which are sure to delight our May box buyers! Earrings in a variety of glorious colors….purple, turquoise, pink, lavender, white, blue, red, and more! Yay! They are tucked away in pretty organza sachets and come with a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase!

Sweet Biscuit Bath & Body Company
We are so pleased to have the Sweet Biscuit Bath & Body joining us! This exciting Cape Breton company will be giving you the opportunity to try samples of their ever-popular “Juicy” Solid Shampoo in this round of boxes. If you love the scent of tangy tangerines, you will adore this stuff! You simply rub it through wet hair, lather, and rinse. It smells sooooo incredibly good and is a luscious treat for your hair! This Juicy Solid Shampoo is one of three kinds that they are currently offering in their store and on their website. (Pssst…. the other kinds in their shop are “Rockabilly” Solid Shampoo which smells like cherry cheesecake and “Cool Guy Joe” Solid Shampoo which smells like Lime Margarita.) You’ll definitely want to bookmark their website. Great place!

Buff’d Cosmetics
This Canadian company has put together GENEROUS sample packs for you – each containing a sample jar of their mineral eye shadow (in stunningly-beautiful shades like Root Beer, Rabid, and Mousy) and each containing 2 little samples of their mineral blush (in pretty, radiant shades like Rosewood, Petunia, Gracious, and Tricky). “Buff'd Mineral Cosmetics are made with the finest minerals and pigments, oils and waxes, and natural preservatives and fragrances - all free of irritants and toxins.” Be sure to check out their website and browse through the array of products for your face, your lips, your eyes, your cheeks, and your body.

Mountain Sky Soap
Mountain Sky Soap is “the pristine source for the natural body.” This well-known, well-loved Canadian company offers mountain-grown products.....soaps, lip balms, body butters, and more! Their products are catered toward those who want to enjoy a clean, healthful, and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Mountain Sky Soap has sent in FULL SIZE Honey Almond - Sweet Temptations Shower Soaps for you to enjoy. The website says that “moisturizing almond oil and shea butter are blended together with sweet honey to create nurturing, earthy emollient soap. Honey Almond Soap is a sweet marzipan jubilee, sure to addict secret almond lovers.” Mmmm…there’s no doubt about it…you’ll love this long-lasting, delicious-smelling soap!

The Mineral Owl
Keep your lips soft and kissable with the FULL SIZE tubes of lip balm sent in from The Mineral Owl. This all-natural lip balm comes in a variety of yummylicious flavors like Buttercream, Icy Pineapple, Limeade, Sugared Strawberry, and Blueberry! This company is owned by a mother-daughter team, offering natural and organic products that are infused with “Ionic Minerals” to “enhance the products for skin health and absorption. This is a totally unique process which can only be found at The Mineral Owl!!

Natural Fix Cosmetics
“Your beauty fix, naturally!” Did you know that coffee does wonders for your skin? It’s true. Coffee contains powerful antioxidants and people have been benefiting from it for thousands of years. Over at Natural Fix Cosmetics, you’ll find some of the most amazing products….all made with coffee. They have sent in FULL SIZE tubes of Espresso All Natural Lip Balm - perfect for all of you coffee lovers out there!

The All Natural Face
Wow! This company has sent in fabulous sample packs containing 16-18 packets of their amazing powdered Mineral Foundation and a brush for easy application!! This Mineral Foundation comes in pretty tones like “Ivory Rose”, “Porcelain Kissed By Honey”, “Lightest Beige Warm”, “Tan Warm”, and more! Find the color that is right for you and get the flawless complexion you’ve always wanted. They’ve also sent along instruction sheets and a special coupon code for a free 10 gram jar of “Glow” (with any order of $15.00 or more at their shop).

Crystal Lights
Raise your hand if you love candles! Aha, look at all of those hands! This Canadian candle business will be found inside some of the boxes - with their scrumptious-scented, high-quality tealights, made from all natural waxes and lead-free wicks. Crystal Lights ~ "Hand-Made Candles....Especially For You".

The Soap Guru
“Experience soap at its best!” This Canadian company has contributed GENEROUS SIZE, vegan soaps (guest bars)…. in calm, soothing fragrances like Purity, Serenity, Raja, Cosmic Cleanse, Karma Kazi, Clarity, Citrus Sunrise, True Love, Prana, Warrior, Kama Sutra, and West Coast. These special soaps are made with cocoa butter and come wrapped in lovely, handcrafted paper. Such a treat! Check out their soap page to learn more about these amazing soaps and their many benefits!

Sanibel Skincare
Sanibel Skincare ~ “The best in tropical skincare products!” This company has sent along some GENEROUS (half size) bars of Mango Soap for you to try! This is a hard, long lasting soap with a very light and gentle fragrance. A great contribution!! Be sure to check out their website…you’ll find an impressive variety of handmade soap and exfoliating scrubs too!

Purple Star Designs
Divas love jewelry and that is why we are so excited to tell you about the FULL SIZE items sent in from Purple Star Designs! You will be receiving Czech Glass earrings with handmade sterling headpins and sterling French hooks. So sweet and pretty…you’ll love wearing them! The earrings are presented in a lovely white gift box and tied with a delicate gossamer ribbon. How thoughtful of Purple Star Designs! In addition, you will receive a coupon code for 20% off a future purchase at their shop. Yay!

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