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We know that divas love to sample products before committing to the full sizes. In other words, they like to try before they buy. That is why we are giving you the opportunity to try fabulous sample-sized and full-sized products from a variety of hip and swanky companies....all in one "Divalicious" sample box. How great is that!

The Facts: Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes is one of the longest-running sample box/beauty box companies in North America and the first to launch in Canada. We are the original glam and pampering box. Though many others have attempted to imitate us, they've never been able to duplicate us. This is the real deal. "THE ONE AND ONLY DIVALICIOUS SAMPLE BOX" - THE ORIGINAL SAMPLER EXCLUSIVELY FOR DIVAS.

The Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box is perfect for anyone and any occasion! Give it to someone sweet, share it with a friend, or just keep it for yourself. We know you'll love it.

How Many Samples Come In Each Sample Box?

We try to provide at least 10-15 samples per box (sometimes more). It all depends on how many samples we receive from our e-tailers.

What Companies Are Included In The Sample Box?

We will always provide a list of the participating companies on our Peek Inside The Box page. There will be new companies joining for each campaign - so stay tuned! We will also have some returning favorites, as well.

We try to distribute the samples evenly so that each box contains samples from most of our participating companies, however this is not always possible. The amount of samples we receive from each company may vary, so each of our boxes may be a bit different and may contain samples from any/or all of the contributors. Actually, that is what makes this so much fun. You never know what samples (or what companies) will be inside your box. It's very surprising!

How Much Is The Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box?

Our price is currently only $27.00 for Canadian customers and $37.00 for USA customers. Shipping & Handling is included in the price.

About Mailing And Shipping

We use Canada Post to mail out all orders.
We currently ship to Canada and (mainland) USA ONLY.
We do not accept international orders at this time. Sorry.

Shipping Info: Boxes usually leave our office within 1-2 days of purchase and a shipping notification will be sent to your email address at that time. (Due to the high volume of notifications that we send out, these emails occasionally end up in your email "spam" box instead of your inbox. Be sure to add our email address to your email safe list.)

Shipping Time: Boxes usually take approx. 6-12 "business days" to ship. However,it can take up to 3-4 weeks, in some cases.

Samples will arrive in a safe and secure, top-quality shipping box (packed with lots of TLC). We strive to keep our sample boxes as cost-efficient and eco-friendly as possible - with a touch of "Divalicious" prettiness sprinkled in. By only using materials that are absolutely necessary, we are doing our part to create less waste for the landfills and pollution for the environment. We encourage you to help us by re-using or recycling all shipping materials after opening. Thank you.

Can The Sample Box Be Returned?

No. We are not able to accept returns.
Please see our TERMS OF SERVICE page.

When Do The Sample Boxes Go On Sale?

Our Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box Events are seasonal (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), so be sure to check our Calendar to find out the specific sale dates.

Time: Boxes go on sale at 8:00am (ET) on the morning of the announced sale date.

Our office is located in Atlantic Canada and that means that boxes go on sale at 9:00am (our time), which provides just enough hours during our work day to prepare orders for shipping out and to keep everything running smooth and according to schedule. The 8:00am (ET) sale time has remained the same since 2008 and provides enough time for customers, from the east coast and west coast and everywhere in between, to purchase a box before heading off to their place of work or to college. There are many customers from various time zones who set their clocks for this event - some join us as early as 5:00am. If you are located on the west coast, the key is to set your clock and be there early for these seasonal events if you wish to purchase a Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box.

What is "Sale Day" like?

To prepare yourself for our next exciting sale day, please see our Frequently Asked Sale Day Questions page.

If there is a company that you would like to see in the boxes, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

If you are an e-tailer and would like information on how you can be included in our boxes, please visit How To Participate.

Be sure to hit "REFRESH" (F5) to see all updates on this page.

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